F Dying: How Cheating Death Kicked My Ass Into Loving, Learning and Living My Best Life

An extraordinary book about mastering the art of living a happy, fulfilled, and meaningful life.

The #1 bestselling F Dying will help you transform your life, find balance, deep satisfaction and inner peace.

Chronicling the aftermath of former American Gladiator and NFL player Dan “Nitro” Clark’s 2013 heart attack, this book is for you if you’re trying to figure out how to move forward after a setback and dare to hope, dream and embrace the possibilities in front of you.

Dan Clark possesses the emotional honesty, humility, and depth together with the innate literary talent and stylistic sensibility to execute this memoir with stunning eloquence and power. His lean, muscular prose never wavers off course as it leads us through his unspeakable loss, overwhelming success and ultimately into a kind of acceptance and redemption.

Augusten Burroughs, Running With Scissors

F Dying shines a light on things that really matter. Things that make us happy. Page by page, Dan weaves beautiful anecdotes into simple secrets for everyday life that will increase your happiness.

Karen McCullah, Screenwriter of Legally Blonde, 10 Thing I Hate About You and The Ugly Truth

Enormously smart, brave-hearted, extremely personal. Filled with practical advice you can use right away. This book will help thousands of people.

Myles Knapp, Contra Costa Times

About Dan “Nitro” Clark

Dan “Nitro” Clark is a world-class fitness expert, TEDx speaker, #1 best-selling author, and motivational and life coach. He coaches others to conquer their inner demons of fear and anxiety to reach their full potential with his program, CALM THE BEAST. Featured on Good Morning America, ESPN, Entertainment Tonight, in the pages of Time Magazine, Men’s Health, Sports Illustrated and more. After playing in the NFL and starring on the cult TV show, American Gladiator, Dan had a harrowing near-death experience. Since then, he’s spent the last six years learning to redefine success and fulfillment.