For successful executives who need to get the KILLER INSTINCT back and MAX OUT THEIR POTENTIAL

If you feel lost, empty, or unmotivated, here’s…

Your Motivation Breakthrough

2020 has been a non-stop roadblock for progress, and — if you’re human — it hasn’t been easy to stay at the top of your game.

You’ve always been a winner, but you don’t feel like one lately.
You’ve plateaued— and 2020 hasn’t helped.


Your limitations might feel like an empty motivation tank, but what’s really happening is you’re just not using the right fuel.

How would you like to FINALLY…. STOP being stuck right, starting today? You’re about to get the fuel fix you need to get back on your A-game?

 What you need is THE GLADIATOR WAY

Stop accepting less than you deserve, and go for the throat.

Join me and win BIG.

Work With Me And A Group Of Like-Minded Individuals And Get Everything You Want Out Of Life
You Know You Deserve, Starting Today

Hi, I’m Dan Clark, otherwise known as “Nitro” from T.V.’s American Gladiator. 

I’m also a Bestselling author, Former NFL Pro, and Media Personality.

For years, I’ve helped thousands of people conquer every obstacle that stands in their way — and this obstacle is no different. 

With my help, why can’t today be the perfect time to prove to yourself that you are strong enough to get through any challenge, no matter how bad it might seem and come out on top?


How to Thrive Even When
You Feel Stuck and Frustrated


This is a 6-week program for people who want to…


  • Feeling lost, confused, or empty (We’ve all been there, but the key is to have this one “invisible guide” on you at all times)
  • The stress of everyday life (When life gives you the business, hit back with this)
  • Life challenges or setbacks (The armor you can use to protect yourself against life punches you in the chops)
  • Fear of failure that keeps you from trying (If you don’t try, you fail by default)

  • Depression, loneliness, or general unhappiness (The “gift” you can use to reverse these uncomfortable feelings, fast) 
  • Lacking drive (feeling like you’re not being the person you know you can be)
  • Pride (By itself, only partially useful. Coupled with this other ingredient…you become unstoppable)
  • Mental resistance to taking action (Want to know an instant hack to fix this?)
If anything on this list above resonates with you then chances are you’re the perfect match for someone with problems I can fix.

We can’t be 100% sure, though, UNTIL we’ve reviewed your application.

Interested in fixing your problem, working with me and a small group of people looking to make the same changes in their lives? Use the button below to fill out and send over your application.

What EXACTLY Are You Getting?

In a word…


Let me explain.

This is what you’ll get when you coach with me and your group:

  • Breakthrough the obstacles holding you back from what you want
  • Set a goal and a certain path to achieve it
  • Accountability – You only get the results by doing the work
  • The help you need to silence your inner critic so you can do what needs to be done
  • Motivation techniques to power through any challenge
  • Maintain high-performance regardless of any life changes
  • Go from stagnation to high-performance action
  • Rise to your full potential and become who you were meant to be 
  • Reach beyond monetary success, and achieve excellence at whatever you do
  • Master your self-control 

It’s time to get your killer instinct back, here’s the plan:

Step #1: Fill out the application

Tell me about your current mental challenges: the fear, doubt, pain or other insecurities

Step #2: I'll review in 24 hours

I’ll take a look at what you’ve sent to determine if you’ll have success in my program

Step #3: You're In!

If you’re a good fit, we’ll reach out and let you know the next steps to get started



The Gladiator Way

For just one payment of: $5000


Here’s What You Get

      • 6 weeks of interactive, in depth online meetings and discussions with ME and a supportive community of people who have the same desire to transform their lives
      • LIVE online ZOOM video coaching sessions (1 timer per week for 6 weeks)
      • Mental training challenges, the same ones I use with my high performers
      • Weekly posts, #NitroUp checks, Q&A, messages, lessons, 
      • Customized “Mind Mojo” Audio Download Created Specifically for You
      • First access to future groups and upcoming events

There’s no such thing as a “one and done” approach, anyone who sells you that isn’t going to help you.

True greatness is an ongoing part of life. 

Apply now to get exclusive weekly GROUP coaching with me and create an ongoing plan to embrace any challenge and use it to serve your personal greatness.


Dan “Nitro” Clark a #1 bestselling author, life coach, TEDx speaker, and a world-class fitness expert. As part of his mission to help people become healthier and happier, he uses his own past experience with anxiety to help others conquer their inner demons and reach their full potential. 

After having a harrowing near-death experience, Dan spent years learning how to redefine success and fulfillment. His expertise has been featured on Good Morning America, ESPN, and Entertainment Tonight as well as in the pages of Time Magazine and Sports Illustrated.

Dan knows what it’s like to be stuck in “that” dark place, and he’s come out the other side. Now he wants to devote his time to help you see the light again, too. 

Limited Number Of Slots

Initially, this was a program offered to a select few private invite only clients, exclusively.

The fee for those who qualified to take part was just $2,500.

While worth every penny for the return clients got for their investment (see testimonials below), the fee still seemed unreasonably low.

For that reason, the intention was to raise the price to $5,000… 

But honestly, I know raising rates now would be sinful.

CoVID19 came along to make things so much more unnecessarily difficult economically, mentally, and physically for everyone.


I want to do everything in my power to help as many people as possible, get the personal help you need, while still making it feasible for me, also, to still serve you at the highest level.

What if instead of you paying $5,000 to train with me, how about I cut the price by 90%? How fair would you say this deal is if we worked together for just $497?

Does that seem reasonable?

For me, helping you transform your life and allowing me to help you is far more important than the money you exchange to do that.

That’s why I’m offering this program for those struggling during this pandemic for less that you can buy coffee a day for 6 weeks. 

But, again, my mission is to help as many people as possible, as economically workable for everyone as possible without devaluing this program (I plan on raising the fee again, once this pandemic situation is all over).

So, if you want to reserve a slot for yourself at the lowest price you’ll ever see this group coaching program working with me ever offered…

Apply now, and if you qualify you get this for just ONE PAYMENT of $497.

Click the button, fill out the application and send in your reply, now.

    Is There A Guarantee?

    Look, If you feel lost, empty, unmotivated or otherwise stuck in a rut, somehow, mentally… 

    Click the apply button, fill out the questionnaire (be thorough), send it over and if you qualify, pay $497 and we begin our work together…

    If you don’t start seeing clearly measurable positive results that you’re satisfied with, within 30 days of working with me, and it’s clear as day you’re doing the work (we’ve got checklists and exercises to help keep us both accountable), but you’re still not seeing payoff…

    I demand you request a refund.

    While I’m committed to 6 weeks working with you, if you can’t honestly say you’re experiencing beneficial results working with me within the first 30 days, I don’t want to keep your money because that means your problem is deeper than we both realized.

    I would much rather you use that money to get the help you need from someone else even more qualified. 

    How is that for a fair, No-RISK, No BRAINER Deal?

    Now that we’ve removed all risk, what other excuse do you have for not working with me?

    If none… click the Button to get started.

    This program isn’t for those just seeking comfort.

    You’re about to get exclusive, concrete steps on how to empower yourself and experience rapid success faster than you thought possible. 

    You’ll come out of this with the power to:  

    • Commit to yourself fully and unearth the momentum to crush your goals
    • Know how to take full advantage of a learning opportunity and use it to your benefit
    • Carve your personal path to reach the greatness of your full potential
    • Develop a plan of action to take on every new exciting challenge
    • Understand exactly what you want, how to get it, and what to do with your success

    You’re already performing at a high level.

    Don’t let your momentum stop now.

    Push yourself to the next level with


    with Dan Nitro Clark.

    Thrive Through the Tough Times. Defy the Odds.